Regal Rendering Wall Rendering

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John Thompson and his team from Regal Rendering offer a local wall rendering service for your home. First started by his father 60 years ago and with 30 years of experience,

John and his team will get transform your old brickwork into a new stylish, modern look, adding value to your property.

He is a perfectionist and takes pride in top quality workmanship.

Whole Home

Facelift the outside of your home and remove all signs of old brickwork with a total rendering makeover. Choose from dozens of styles, textures and colours to create the look and style you want. You will be amazed at the transformation and how different your home looks.

Front of House Rendering

Many home owners choose to render their front walls to improve the view from the street. A great option for those on a tighter budget.

Inside Brickwork

Do you have brown brickwork inside your home that keeps the home dark and gloomy? Regal Rendering can also render inside walls that brightens internal rooms and creates a happier atmosphere.

Boundary Wall

Render your old brick boundary wall and change the view from the street.

You can choose a limestone finish or maybe try for a Mediterranean look. Regal Rendering can also render barbeques and letterboxes. Some great looking Garden Art also helps to make your house stand out as the best of the best!

 Budda Head front view hand carved rendering  Budda Head hand carved rendering

John’s team at Regal Rendering provide dozens of styles and textures

The most common choices are:

  • Sand Finish
  • Mock Limestone
  • Fremantle Stone
  • Tuscan
  • Regal Stone
  • Rammed Earth
  • Graffiatto

Regal Rendering can also provide Quoining for windows and other wall features.

So what is involved in a wall rendering makeover?

Upon starting the Regal Rendering team with cover all window frames and downpipes and place drop sheets over garden beds and paving to leave your home spotless.

The render is then applied directly to the wall using an innovative pumping system that greatly speeds the process. The render is then worked to provide the desired look.

Most jobs only take a single day other than very large homes or two story buildings.

At the end of the job the Regal Rendering team will tidy up and leave you with a spotless house exterior with beautifully rendered walls that you will admire for years.

Call John for advice and a free quote. All quotes are provided within 48 hours.